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Thank you for all your help in improving Sean’s Math and Science grades to As.
Ms Tina Lee

Niece of MM Lee Kuan Yew, Daughter of Mr Freddy Lee

Hi Allen, i would like to thank you for your dedication, support and understanding over the last few weeks. Edmund (Hwa Chong) scored an A1 for his Physics and will now be continuing in the IP program. Thanks and wishing you a successful and healthy 2013.
Mr Loh Boon Chye

CEO of Singapore Exchange

Thank you very much for the thorough analysis….Thanks for encouraging Jonathan (ACS). He told me he enjoys your lessons. Please continue to demand the best from him. Thanks again.
Mr & Mrs Ho Tian Yee

Board Member of DBS Bank, F&N, Singapore Power Ltd.

Thanks for coaching my three children, Sean Chow (St Gabriels Sec), Luke Chow (SJI) and Paul Chow (St Gabriels Sec) and helping them to do well in Chemistry Physics and Maths which helped them get into their respective Junior Colleges in NYJC and VJC.
Dr Pierce Chow

Pierce Chow is Professor and Program Director at the Duke-NUS Medical School and Senior Consultant Surgeon at the National Cancer Centre

Thank you for helping my son, Regent Neo in his Secondary Math and Science and my daughter Apple Neo in her JC math/science. They’ve done extremely well in their respective subjects thanks to your patient guidance and great explanations given! Will definitely recommend you to other parents if they need help for their children. Many thanks.
Director Mr Jack Neo

Singaporean actor, television host, comedian and film director

Thanks for all your considerable efforts to date. I feel sure that Zeneca will do well as long as he has further lessons with you. Thanks again for your awesome tuition to Zeneca- much appreciated.
Mr Adrian Bell

GP Lecturer at Anderson Junior College

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Thank you Teacher Allen, for helping me cope with my Physics and Math during my time in SOTA.
Kyra Poh

Year 3-4 SOTA , World Champion Indoor Skydiver, 4 World Cup Titles

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The notes that you give are 999 times better than our school notes. Though Physics & Math are tough topics, especially for us students from an art school, you make it straightforward and easy to understand. Ive tried other physics tuitions but M.S.G is still the best hehe. @juniors in SOTA struggling with Math/Chem/Physics, this place will save your grades 10/10. Thank you Mr Allen for the fun times!
Thank you for tutoring me for the past 2.5 years.
Cheryl Lee

RGS (Sec 2-4) IP

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I remember walking into your centre for the first time and getting 1.6 for chem but under your constant guidance and patience I achieved consistent 3.6s 🙂 ultimately I think its not the results that are important but your teaching style that makes me like studying a lot more than before. Additionally, you don’t just tell me what to study but what I should do to not make the same mistakes again. I’m always heartened when you share with us that the process of learning is important because I constantly forget this simple but vital principle;)
That got deep real quick so in plain words, I really appreciate all your help! I will miss you and I hope I will continue to do well in chemistry and physics 🙂 Thank you once again for everything! 
Dear Sir, thank you helping me greatly in the last four years.
Matthew Lam

Sec1-4 (IP) Raffles Instituition

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Without your summarized notes and best in class worksheets, i would not have been able to survive the rigors in school. Thanks for giving me plenty of advice, encouragements and most importantly believing that i can succeed. God bless.
Dear Mr Allen, thank you for teaching me for the past year and for patiently explaining concepts and questions until I understood!
Rachel Puah

SCGS, Sec 4 IP Chem & Phy

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When I first attended class at the end of the year last year, I was very unmotivated to study ( plus I was failing chem and physics) but you have encouraged and inspired me to work hard and I went from scoring D7s to A2!! I also used to not being able to complete my papers during exams but the exam and study tips you gave were really useful and this year I was able to complete my papers! I really enjoy your teaching method and analogies you give and that has really helped improve my conceptual understanding as well as my attitude towards studying! And even though I don’t take class for amath, thank you for always helping me with my countless amath questions 🙂 Thank you for allowing us to arrange for consultation outside of class time and taking extra time and effort to answer our questions and clarifications! will miss taking your class 🙂
Hi Mr Allen. Thanks for helping me convert my Chemistry and Physics results from as low as C5 to A1 in less than 3 months.
Megan Tam

Sec 4 Cedar Girls Secondary

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You were instrumental in helping me to understand difficult concepts like Mole Concept and Electromagnetic Induction with interesting anecdotes while making the lessons sound fun and more palatable. Thanks for all your help again in helping me enter Raffles Junior College.
Hi Allen, just wanted to let you know, I got A2 for both Chemistry and Physics. Thanks so much for teaching me:)
Jer Shun

Sec 4, Pasir Ris Secondary

Thank you Mr Allen for helping me through the four years of Secondary School life.
Megan Faith

Sec 1- 4 CHIJ Toa Payoh

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You’ve been indispensable in helping me understand Chemistry, Physics and Maths which my school teachers couldn’t. All thanks to you, ive scored 8 points for my L1R5. Thank you once again.
Hi Mr Allen, thank you so much for the past year 🙂 
Esther Yong

SCGS, 4GY'18

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Throughout Sec 3, I constantly failed chem and after I started attending your lessons my grades jumped from C6 in term 1 to A1 in term 2 & I also learnt how to study smart & effectively from your lessons! 
I’m very grateful for your constant guidance & patience this year & for the extra consultation slots before & after class (+ the worksheets that were comprehensive & covered most of the topic tested)
Thank you so much! 
Hi Allen! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for teaching me chem for the past year.

SOTA Year 3-4

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Not only did you pull my grades up tremendously, but you also taught me great study habits, things about work ethic, and different ways to style hair (don’t worry, not ALL were bad). 
Your teaching style has made me foster an appreciation for chem that I didn’t think I’d ever have (no joke) and I genuinely enjoy coming to every one of your classes. The learning environment of the class is also really fun; I always have a good time even though I’m studying. The only point of improvement I’d make is the name of ”mathscienceguru” – you should choose it to mathscienceGOD, or alternatively Allen’s Allstars. 
Anyway, thank you for dealing with my dumb jokes and stories during class, and for teaching me lots of things that’ll stay with me even after I graduate from Sota.
From your favorite student Thea. 

About The Guru


Hi and Welcome to Singapore’s No 1 Premier Tuition Centre which specialises in Primary and Lower Secondary Maths and Science. At the Upper Secondary levels, Mr Allen teaches the following subjects, Elementary Maths/Additional Maths/Chemistry/Physics/Biology at the Pure and Combined levels. 

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If you have not already been recommended by other relatives or friends, do not fret, please allow a brief introduction. Mr Allen has started teaching small group lessons from as far back as 2003. In the more than 20 years of teaching experience, thousands of students from the IP/IB/IGCSE/O/NA/NT levels have benefitted greatly from the extremely concise explanations and the well compiled lecture notes and worksheets. In the most recent PSLE and O levels Examinations, more than 91% of students scored a distinction in their respective subjects taught by Mr Allen. In order to experience firsthand the dedication and straightforward teaching that has benefitted thousands of students, do call 82332805 to book a FREE trial slot for your child and see your child’s transformation from an F9 to an A1.

Why Choose Us?

1 Guru Only

Unlike other tuition centers that scale up their operations by hiring other teachers of unknown background and varying abilities. I only trust in my ability to convert my students to an A1 irregardless of their prior results.

Personalised Classes

All classes are aligned to the exact needs of the students. The GURU teaches the topics that your child learns in the same week, not what other students from other schools have learned, so that they can ace their class tests with ease.

Free 90mins Trial Class

A free trial session is necessary for parents and students to decide if they find the teaching methodology of the GURU to be suitable for them or not.

Proprietary Lecture Notes & Worksheets

The IP/IB/O/N(A) syllabus has been painstakingly developed and compiled over more than a decade, These are critical for students to gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other students.

Coherent Explanations + Result Orientatedness.

The GURU prides himself for giving the most COHERENT AND CONCISE explanations in the whole of Singapore. Otherwise difficult chapters like

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Mole concept, Electromagnetic induction, Logarithmic functions will be understood by students from ANY background in a matter of MINUTES. The GURU judges his performance by how well his students perform. Results will be monitored on a week by week basis to highlight improvements made by students.

Small Classes Only!

More than 99% of tuition centers operate more than 10 students per class. This is UNACCEPTABLE and defeats the whole purpose of having tuition in the first place. Our class size ranges from 3-5 students.

F9-A1 Result Slips

Scholar List

Name Of StudentSchoolSubjectGradeNo Of Months To Achieve A1
Rui KaiNUS High SchoolChemistry, Physics, Integrated MathC to A2
Bryan OngRaffles InstituitionChemistry, Physics, Integrated MathF9 to A13
Clarinda OngCHIJ St Nicholas Girls SchoolChemistry, PhysicsF9 to A12
Guinevere LyeRaffles GirlsChemistry, PhysicsD7 to A13
Ryan LeeSJIAdditional Mathematics, ChemistryB3 to A12
Jeslyn YapSCGSChemistry, Amath, EmathC5 to A14
Donna ChuaSOTAChemistry, PhysicsC6 to A12
Huay Wen JunACS (Independent)Chemistry, PhysicsF9 to A14
VigneshSchool of Science & TechChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathB3 to A13
Tan Ziyang JonathanHwa ChongMathematics, Additional MathematicsF9 to A13
 Ivan Wong Jun MingPierce Sec Chemistry, PhysicsB4 to A13
Kim Hyun SeonCrescent GirlsChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathF9 to A13
Xiao LingyiYuying Secondary Chemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathB4 to A12
S KurumbaesunVictoria Junior CollegeChemistry, PhysicsF9 to A13
Ong LiweiVictoria SchoolChemistryE8 to A12
Darren Tan Yi WeiCatholic HighChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathC5 to A13
Nathan Wong Kar WaiACS (Barker)Chemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathC5 to A13
Luke Chow Tjun MunSt Josephs InstituitionChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathC5 to A12
Sean TayACS (International)Mathematics, ScienceC5 to A14
Siow Ler LingCheung Cheng High (Main)PhysicsF9 to A13
Huang YixuanBukit Panjang Govt HighMathematicsD7 to A13
Hannah Chua Hui TengRiver Valley High SchoolChemistryE8 to A12
Nicholas NgMaris Stella SecMathematicsC5 to A13
Louisa Ong Qing MeiCedar Girls SecChemistry, PhysicsF9 to A13
Elizabeth Yin YuelingNanyang Girls High SchoolChemistryB4 to A12
Kay Thi KyinGan Eng SengPhysicsF9 to A13
Tham Hao WenYio Chu Kang SecAdditional MathematicsF9 to A13
Darren HonSt Andrews SecondaryPhysicsB4 to Al2
Moses Ho Rui YangQueensway SecChemistryC5 to A14
Bryan Tan Kian WeeCheung Cheng High (Yishun)Mathematics, Additional MathematicsF9 to A13
Megan Faith Chan ErnCHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)Combined ScienceF9 to A12
Aileen OoiKranji SecondaryMathematics, Combined ScienceC5 to A13
Bryan LamPresbyterian High SchoolMathematics, Combined ScienceC5 to A13
Lim Wen JiangBedok South SecMathematics, PhysicsD7 to A13
Phan Zhen Feng, ClarenceBukit View SecAdditional Mathematics, Elementary MathematicsB4 to A13
Ang Tuan KoonSerangoon Garden SecChemistryF9 to A14
Nur AquilahPasir Ris Crest SecChemistry, PhysicsF9 to A13
Mikayla Tan Xin YingChristchurch SecMathematicsB3 to A13
Carris TanHoly Innocents HighMathematicsD7 to A13
Lee Guang Rong Balestier Hill SecChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathD7 to A13
Darwis SuunaryoBroasdrick SecChemistry, Amath, EmathE8 to A12
Han YichiChua Chu KangMath, ScienceC5 to A13
Joelle Tan Wei XinClementi TownAmath, Chemistry PhysicsF9 to A13
Sean Ethan CheoDe Yi DecMath, ScienceB4 to A12
Kylin YeoGeylang MethodistChemistry, Amath, EmathF9 to A13
Aidan ChiangHai Sing Catholic SchoolChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathF9 to A13
KendiceNan Chiau HighChemistry, Physics, Amath, EmathB4 to Al2
Dexter WongNew Town SecAmath, MathC5 to A14
Andaman SetavoraphanShu Qun SecMath, ScienceF9 to A13
Ho Xin YingSwiss Cottage SecEmath, ChemistryB3 to A13
Pamela Chua Tanjong Katong SecChemistry, Amath, EmathF9 to A13
Keith Wong Wen JieTemasek SecChemistry, Amath, EmathB4 to A13
Dexter YeoZhong Hua SecMath, ScienceF9 to A13



Chemistry is a subject that requires complete understanding of concepts. Students who fail to grasp them will be unable to answers questions effectively.
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Our programme includes teaching the correct answering techniques, including mastery of a compiled list of commonly asked Chemistry questions that will be essential for them to achieve F9 to A1 in 12 weeks. To find out more, please Call 82332805.


Physics is a subject which many students fail to grapple with effectively. Concepts like Kinematics, Electricity and Electromagnetic induction are common topics that students find hard to interpret.
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My compiled list of 1000 common questions and answers serves to help them discover the methodology behind dealing with Physics questions and help them decide which type of questions are given and the appropriate response to them so that they can achieve F9 to A1 in 12 weeks. To find out more, please Call 82332805.

A Math

Additional maths topics like Logarithms, Binomial theorem and Integration are a common weakness among most Sec 3 and 4 students.
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My approach is highly efficient in helping them understand any of the most difficult topics in as little as 15mins, so that they have enough confidence to try out my compiled questions. Different types of questions with varying difficulty will be discussed, in addition to me helping out my students with their school homework. F9 to A1 results can be seen in as little as 2-3 weeks for class tests. To find out more, please Call 82332805

E Maths

In order to score a distinction in the O levels nowadays, it is no longer enough to just score above 70.
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It requires a mixture of being extremely proficient in the use of formulas, experience and being careless free in order to do well in their examinations. For more than a decade, i have been teaching students the secrets of getting from an F9 to A1. To find out more, please Call 82332805.

Lower Sec Science

Over the last 3-5 years, we have seen an increase in complexity of Science questions which have evolved into a more thinking based one.
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As such, content for Science questions has become more broad based and requires an effort for an exposure to wider content and questions. Lecture notes are updated on a term basis to reflect the changes in syllabus and help students understand the kind of questions that are currently commonly asked. Just wait for less than 12 weeks and F9 to A1 results can become a reality. To find out more, please Call 82332805

Lower Sec Maths

Most students who have done badly in Maths actually have a simpler route to success.
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Methodologies perfected over the last decade allows me to get a grip of the specific issues that each students have with Math and allow them to focus and do better. Thousands of students have benefited from my expertise. Just wait for less than 12 weeks and F9 to A1 results can become a reality. To find out more, please Call 82332805

Crash Course

Program Highlights

  • The ENTIRE syllabus from SEC 3-4 will be explained and covered in ONE WEEK!
  • Students can choose to come for ALL of the 4 subjects or come for ANY specific subject.
  • Get proprietary FIRST-IN-CLASS summarized notes and worksheets that will give students the best edge over anyone in their school.

Understanding & Real World Practice

  • Taught personally by The GURU: ENSURES that all students understand EVERY WORD that is taught.
  • Questions will be carefully selected and sorted according to difficulty and made available for students to practice.
  • Students will be taught on how to INTERPRET QUESTIONS like never before and ANSWER EFFECTIVELY using key words and structure their answers in the BEST and ONLY way.

Exam Preparation

  • Guarantee from the Guru: Students will FINALLY understand their subjects once and for all.
  • O Level Examiners Report will be shared with students to identify common pitfalls students make during examinations.
  • Analysis of common Prelim and O-level/IB/IP questions and how to think and answer rationally.

Intensive Crash Course

Week 131st May – 4th June10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)
Week 27th June – 11th June10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)
Week 314th June – 18th June10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)
Week 421st June – 25th June10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)

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