Singapore’s #1 Premier Tuition Center that specializes in Chemistry, Physics, A/E Maths.
Founded by #1 Ex-RI Lecturer, Mr Allen, in 2003



Ms Tina Lee
Niece of MM Lee Kuan Yew, Daughter of Mr Freddy Lee.

Thank you for all your help in improving Sean’s Math and Science grades to As. (2009-2011)

Mr Loh Boon Chye
CEO of Singapore Exchange.

Hi Allen, i would like to thank you for your dedication, support and understanding over the last few weeks. Edmund (Hwa Chong) scored an A1 for his Physics Re and will now be continuing in the IP program. Thanks and wishing you a successful and healthy 2013. (2010-2014)

Mr & Mrs Ho Tian Yee
Board Member of DBS Bank, F&N, Singapore Power Ltd.

Thank you very much for the thorough analysis….Thanks for encouraging Jonathan (ACS). He told me he enjoys your lessons. Please continue to demand the best from him. Thanks again. (2009-2011)

Mr Alan Koh
Deputy CEO of Bank of America Singapore.

Hi Allen, thanks for your coaching, that has helped Patrick (ACS) greatly in his maths and science subjects. (2009-2010)

Mr Adrian Bell
English Lecturer at Anderson Junior College

Thanks for all your considerable efforts to date. I feel sure that Zeneca will do well as long as he has further lessons with you.. Thanks again for your sound tuition to Zeneca- much appreciated. (2015)

Mrs Chow
Wife of Dr Pierce Chow, Liver Surgeon Specialist.

Thanks for coaching my three children, Sean Chow (St Gabriels Sec), Luke Chow (SJI) and Paul Chow (St Gabriels Sec) and helping them to do well in Chemistry Physics and Maths which helped them get into their respective Junior Colleges in NYJC and VJC. (2009-2015)


Sec1-4 (IP) Raffles Instituition

Dear Sir, thank you helping me greatly in the last four years. Without your summarized notes and best in class worksheets, i would not be able to survive the rigors in school. Thanks for giving me plenty of advice, encouragements and most importantly believing that i can succeed. God bless. (2014-2015)

Megan Tam
Sec 4 Cedar Girls Secondary

Hi Mr Allen. Thanks for helping me convert my Chemistry and Physics results from as low as C5 to A1 in less than 3 months. You were instrumental in helping me to understand difficult concepts like Mole Concept and Electromagnetic Induction with interesting anecdotes while making the lessons sound fun and more palatable. Thanks for all your help again in helping me enter Raffles Junior College.(2015)

Louisa Ong
Sec 3-4 Cedar Girls Secondary

Happy Teachers’ Day. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all the guidance and advice you have given me and that you are by far the best tutor that i have had! (2013)

Jasmine Gk
Sec 4, Tanjong Katong Secondary

Hey Sir! Do you still remember me? I just got my A level results today in London and i’ll be starting university at Kings College London. I thought to thank you for all the help i received during tuition because it helped me tremendously. Hope we can still keep in touch. (2012)

Jer Shun
Sec 4, Pasir Ris Secondary

Hi Allen, just wanted to let you know, I got A2 for both Chemistry and Physics. Thanks so much for teaching me:) (2015)

Megan Faith
Sec 1- 4 CHIJ Toa Payoh

Thank you Mr Allen for helping me through the four years of Secondary School life. You’ve been indispensable in helping me understand Chemistry, Physics and Maths which my school teachers couldn’t. All thanks to you, ive scored 8 points for my L1R5. Thank you once again. (2012-2015)


Program Highlights

  • The ENTIRE syllabus from SEC 3-4 will be explained and covered in ONE WEEK!

  • Students can choose to come for ALL of the 4 subjects or come for ANY specific subject

  • Get proprietary FIRST-IN-CLASS summarized notes and worksheets that will give students the best edge over anyone in their school.

Understanding & Real World Practice

  • Taught personally by The GURU: ENSURES that all students understand EVERY WORD that is taught.

  • Questions will be carefully selected and sorted according to difficulty and made available for students to practice.

  • Students will be taught on how to INTERPRET QUESTIONS like never before and ANSWER EFFECTIVELY using key words and structure their answers in the BEST and ONLY way.

Exam Preparation

  • Guarantee from the Guru: Students will FINALLY understand their subjects once and for all.

  • O Level Examiners Report will be shared with students to identify common pitfalls students make during examinations.

  • Analysis of common Prelim and O-level/IB/IP questions and how to think and answer rationally.

2021 Intensive Crash Course Schedule (SEC1-4)

Week 1 31st May 2021 – 4th June 2021 10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)
Week 2 7th June 2021  – 11th June 2021 10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)
Week 3 14th June 2021 – 18th June 2021 10am-4pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)
Week 4 21st June 2021 – 25th June 2021 10am-6pm (Inclusive of 15mins lunch break)

Available for sign up from 8th May 2021



Rui Kai

NUS High School Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Math C to A 2
Bryan Ong Raffles Instituition Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Math F9 to A1 3
Clarinda Ong CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School Chemistry, Physics F9 to A1 2
Pamela Chua Hui Hui Raffles Girls Physics, Chemistry D7 to A1 4
Guinevere Lye Raffles Girls Chemistry, Physics D7 to A1 3
Edmund Loh Wei Jun Hwa Chong Instuition Chemistry, Physics E8 to A1 4
Ryan Lee SJI Additional Mathematics, Chemistry B3 to A1 2
Gabriel Tan Hwa Chong Instuition Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Math C5 to A1 2
Kyra Poh SOTA Physics, Mathematics C5 to A1 3
Donna Chua SOTA Chemistry, Physics C6 to A1 2
Tay Check King Hwa Chong Instuition Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Math C6 to A1 2
Huay Wen Jun ACS (Independent) Chemistry, Physics F9 to A1 4
Vignesh School of Science & Tech Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath B3 to A1 3
Tan Ziyang Jonathan Hwa Chong Mathematics, Additional Mathematics F9 to A1 3
 Ivan Wong Jun Ming Pierce Sec  Chemistry, Physics B4 to A1 3
Kim Hyun Seon Crescent Girls Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath F9 to A1 3
Xiao Lingyi Yuying Secondary  Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath  B4 to A1 2
Duan Hong Xuan  Yuying Secondary Physics, Chemistry, Amath, Emath C5 to A1 3
Victoria Yim Zi Rong Crescent Girls Additional Mathematics D7 to A1 4
S Kurumbaesun Victoria Junior College Chemistry, Physics F9 to A1 3
Xie Fei Yuying Secondary  Chemistry,Physics, Amath, Emath B4 to A1 3
Delaney Eng Kai Li CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School Physics D7 to A1 3
Ong Liwei Victoria School Chemistry E8 to A1 2
Darren Tan Yi Wei Catholic High Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath C5 to A1 3
 MicahMicah Lim Sheng Yao ACS (Barker) Mathematics, Additional Mathematics C6 to A2 4
Nathan Wong Kar Wai ACS (Barker) Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath C5 to A1 3
Clavance Lim Dayong Catholic High Chemistry F9 to A1 3
Luke Chow Tjun Mun St Josephs Instituition Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath C5 to A1 2
 Kellie Chua Wen Xing Cedar girls Sec Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath C5 to A1/A2 2
Matthew Pang Eng Ho Raffles Institution Chemistry, Physics F9 to A1 3
 Cheong Mun Chieu Raffles Institution Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Math B4 to A1 3
Vanessa Yung Hong Yin Cedar Girls Sec Chemistry, Physics, Amath, Emath C5 to A1 4
Maisha Ibnat Crescent Girls Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics D7 to A1 4
Marc Chua Tsui Jie Victoria School Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Math C to A  2
Tan Yu Qi Maris Stella Sec Chemistry, Physics,Mathematics C5 to A1 4
Sean Tay ACS (International) Mathematics, Science C5 to A1 4
Siow Ler Ling Cheung Cheng High (Main) Physics F9 to A1 3
Tan Chao Yuan ACS (Independent) Chemistry C5 to A1 3
Huang Yixuan Bukit Panjang Govt High Mathematics D7 to A1 3
Hannah Chua Hui Teng River Valley High School Chemistry E8 to A1 2
Nicholas Ng Maris Stella Sec Mathematics C5 to A1 3
Louisa Ong Qing Mei Cedar Girls Sec Chemistry, Physics F9 to A1 3
Elizabeth Yin Yueling Nanyang Girls High School Chemistry B4 to A1 2
Ian Ng Zhi Yang ACS (Barker) Additional Mathematics C5 to A1 3
Kay Thi Kyin Gan Eng Seng Physics F9 to A1 3
Tham Hao Wen Yio Chu Kang Sec Additional Mathematics F9 to A1 3
Darren Hon St Andrews Secondary Physics B4 to Al 2
Moses Ho Rui Yang Queensway Sec Chemistry C5 to A1 4
Bryan Tan Kian Wee Cheung Cheng High (Yishun) Mathematics, Additional Mathematics F9 to A1 3
Megan Faith Chan Ern CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) Combined Science F9 to A1 2
Aileen Ooi Kranji Secondary Mathematics, Combined Science C5 to A1 3
Bryan Lam Presbyterian High School Mathematics, Combined Science C5 to A1 3
Bao Lin Ruo River Valley High School Chemistry, Physics B3 ro A1 2
Lim Wen Jiang Bedok South Sec Mathematics, Physics D7 to A1 3
Phan Zhen Feng, Clarence Bukit View Sec Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics B4 to A1 3
Ang Tuan Koon Serangoon Garden Sec Chemistry F9 to A1 4
Nur Aquilah Pasir Ris Crest Sec Chemistry, Physics F9 to A1 3
Mikayla Tan Xin Ying Christchurch Sec Mathematics B3 to A1 3
Carris Tan Holy Innocents High Mathematics D7 to A1 3


Hi and welcome to Singapore’s #1 Tuition Centre which specializes in Secondary Chemistry, Physics and A/E Maths.

If you have not already been recommended by other relatives or friends, do not fret, please allow me to give a brief introduction.

Mr Allen has started teaching small group lessons from as far back as 2003. Since then, thousands of students have benefited greatly from the extremely concise explanations and the well compiled lecture notes and worksheets for IB/IP/O/N levels.

In the most recent 2019 O Levels examination, more than 93% of the Secondary 4 cohort scored a distinction in their respective subjects taught by Mr Allen.

Our success in the national examinations is not by CHANCE but by the following 6 principles that Mr Allen has held close to his heart from Day 1 of being a teacher.


1 Guru Only

Unlike other tuition centers that scale up their operations by hiring other teachers of unknown background and varying abilities. I only trust in my ability to convert my students to an A1 irregardless of their prior results.

Personalised Classes

All classes are aligned to the exact needs of the students. The GURU teaches the topics that your child learns in the same week, not what other students from other schools have learned, so that they can ace their class tests with ease.

Small Classes Only!

More than 99% of tuition centers operate more than 10 students per class. This is UNACCEPTABLE and defeats the whole purpose of having tuition in the first place. Our class size ranges from 3-5 students.

Coherent Explanations + Result Orientatedness.

The GURU prides himself for giving the most COHERENT AND CONCISE explanations in the whole of Singapore.

Otherwise difficult chapters like Mole concept, Electromagnetic induction, Logarithmic functions will be understood by students from ANY background in a matter of MINUTES.

The GURU judges his performance by how well his students perform. Results will be monitored on a week by week basis to highlight improvements made by students.

Free Trials

A free trial session is necessary for parents and students to decide if they find the teaching methodology of the GURU to be suitable for them or not.

Proprietary Lecture Notes + Worksheets

The IP/IB/O/N(A) syllabus has been painstakingly developed and compiled over more than a decade, These are critical for students to gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other students.



Chemistry is a subject that requires complete understanding of concepts. Students who fail to grasp them will be unable to answers questions effectively.

Our programme includes teaching the correct answering techniques, including mastery of a compiled list of commonly asked Chemistry questions that will be essential for them to achieve F9 to A1 in 12 weeks. To find out more, please Call 82332805.


Physics is a subject which many students fail to grapple with effectively. Concepts like Kinematics, Electricity and Electromagnetic induction are common topics that students find hard to interpret.

My compiled list of 1000 common questions and answers serves to help them discover the methodology behind dealing with Physics questions and help them decide which type of questions are given and the appropriate response to them so that they can achieve F9 to A1 in 12 weeks. To find out more, please Call 82332805.

A Maths

Additional maths topics like Logarithms, Binomial theorem and Integration are a common weakness among most Sec 3 and 4 students.

My approach is highly efficient in helping them understand any of the most difficult topics in as little as 15mins, so that they have enough confidence to try out my compiled questions. Different types of questions with varying difficulty will be discussed, in addition to me helping out my students with their school homework. F9 to A1 results can be seen in as little as 2-3 weeks for class tests. To find out more, please Call 82332805

E Maths

In order to score a distinction in the O levels nowadays, it is no longer enough to just score above 70. It requires a mixture of being extremely proficient in the use of formulas, experience and being careless free in order to do well in their examinations.

For more than a decade, i have been teaching students the secrets of getting from an F9 to A1. To find out more, please Call 82332805.

Lower Sec Science

Over the last 3-5 years, we have seen an increase in complexity of Science questions which have evolved into a more thinking based one. As such, content for Science questions has become more broad based and requires an effort for an exposure to wider content and questions.

Lecture notes are updated on a term basis to reflect the changes in syllabus and help students understand the kind of questions that are currently commonly asked. Just wait for less than 12 weeks and F9 to A1 results can become a reality. To find out more, please Call 82332805

Lower Sec Maths

Most students who have done badly in Maths actually have a simpler route to success. Methodologies perfected over the last decade allows me to get a grip of the specific issues that each students have with Math and allow them to focus and do better.

Thousands of students have benefited from my expertise. Just wait for less than 12 weeks and F9 to A1 results can become a reality. To find out more, please Call 82332805




June Holiday Intensive Program for Sec 3 and 4 {IP/IB/O Levels/N(A)} will commence from 31st May 2021- 25th June 2021.

  • Programs for Chemistry, Physics, Additional & Elementary Mathematics will be available and conducted solely by THE GURU.

  • Few slots are left and will be served on a first come first serve basis. Call 82332805 for more queries.



F9 to A1 Guaranteed if not Money back!

Hotline:Mr Allen – 82332805

If you are unable to reach us, please leave us a SMS. As our schedule is heavily packed, chances are that we could be running classes / consultations with students. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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